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Everyone said "do not get a lawyer for your divorce, it will cost you an arm and a leg and they rarely actually get anything done. In addition, all they want is your money and will try to cause litigation situations just to go to court, then you are talking tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars". I found this statement to be completely false with the office of Dawn Dell'Aqua. In addition, I have referred about 6 people and all who have used her have said that she helped them tremendously and are quickly getting things accomplished where other lawyers were not. I have never heard a negative thing about Dawn and her law office. She is professional and has an excellent, knowledgeable assistant that helped me keep costs down. She protects her clients and tries to keep things out of the courts if possible. In divorce situations she encourages mediation but if that is not possible, is VERY good at protecting her client and doing the right thing by her client. She is honest and forthright and does not waste your time with suggestions that won't fly with the court system. I highly recommend the Dawn Dell'Aqua law office to anyone for any and all services she provides. She is honest and credible and excellent in knowiong her stuff. In the courtroom if you need to go there. As one of the friends I recommended said to me "When Dawn speaks, the court listens

I strongly recommend her.

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Ms. Dell'Acqua gave thorough attention to my case and was able to come up with a creative solution for me. This took research, knowledge, experience, and good judgment. Dawn will tell it like it is, has always given me excellent advice. I strongly recommend her.

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I highly recommend Dawn and her law firm. With Domestic law, It doesn't seem to matter what the "retainer" or "hourly rate" is, wasting time with ineffective legal counsel is one of the most expensive ways a person can dispose of their wealth. Dawn's law firm is a professional, effective, results driven, legal team. They timely get the right things done! Dawn & team provide great value!

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“I was a father who was mislead that my five year old son was my biological son. Test results came back negative and the mother was receiving aid from the county. I was doomed and the county still came after me for child support. Dawn Dellaqua and Ariel Barbre were my guardian angels. Not only did they reversed a declaration of paternity that I signed over the two year mark; my orders for child support orders were vacated along with reimbursement of my funds from my child s mother and my removal of my name from the birth certificate. It was divinely set for our victory and outcome. Dawn was never bias as my defender and had the mindset of expecting the worse but hoping for the best. I would recommend her attorney services to any fathers (or mothers) who need the best representation in Southern California. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Also I forgot to mention that they worked with me on my payment plan in regards to the retainer. Beyond my expectations!” – Happy Client

Ms. Dell’Acqua and staff: I want to thank you for your hard work and seeing me through this case. It was a very stressful process for me, and you made it as easy as possible for me. I know it may have been hard to deal with my constant queue of questions and concerns. I am much happier today than I was when this started. – Happy Client

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Dawn, it is with very much respect, and twice that in humble gratitude, I feel the need to draft this letter. For selfish reasons, I truly hope that it finds a place on the wall of your office so that it may help calm the apprehensions most of us have when we find ourselves in need of a Family Law Attorney. The professionalism that both you and your staff have shown goes well beyond most that I have seen, and “far beyond” what I had expected from court appointed counsel. My only regret is that I did not meet you when my two boys were younger. What I have learned is that legal representation is priceless in family law.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” A term most of us are familiar with. The price for my ignorance was the many years I feel that my rights as a loving father were violated. And worse yet, the many years my boys were denied a loving relationship with Dad, and the simple transference of knowledge that only a father can share with his children. In conclusion, you and your staff have been a blessing to work with. Your knowledge and expertise has not gone unnoticed. I take back every joke I have ever told about a lawyer. You are the bomb!”

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