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Enforcement of Judgments San Diego, CA

Enforcement of judgments San Diego services is sometimes necessary when you are dealing with a parent who does not follow court orders regarding visitation or when he or she is not paying their financial obligations. When it no longer works to simply ask the other party to comply, it is time to contact a lawyer who can help you collect the money to which you are entitled or gain compliance from the other party.enforcement of judgments san diego

At The Law Office of Dawn Dell’Acqua, APC, our enforcement of judgments San Diego lawyers have experience representing individuals in many different types of family court cases, including:

  • Child and spousal support arrearages (past due support)
  • Child custody and visitation orders that are not being followed
  • Equalization payments that are not being paid
  • Property division matters

Experience You Can Count On to Help You During Stressful Times

In terms of child support enforcement, Ms. Dell’Acqua has experience and insight from her years of serving as a lead attorney for the County of San Diego, District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (now known as The Department of Child Support Services).

Using this experience and training, our office will represent parties requiring services in the area of enforcement of judgments San Diego, CA. These may include:

  • Filing a motion asking the Court to hold the non-complying party in contempt and ask the court to order jail time if the obligation is not met
  • Seeking an order establishing that the non-paying party is in arrears for child support or spousal support and setting up a payment plan on those arrears
  • Levying of bank accounts
  • Seeking an order holding the noncomplying parent in contempt or enforcing the visitation order

Every situation is different, and it takes an experienced lawyer to know what strategies are likely to work best in your case. We are dedicated to providing client-focused representation that is compassionate, efficient and effective for all types of family law issues. In some situations, it is possible that the court will also order the other party to pay part or all of your attorneys fees required to bring the enforcement of judgments.

San Diego Contempt Defense Lawyer

In cases where a person is at risk of going to jail because he or she has not paid his or her child support obligation and cannot afford an attorney, he or she is entitled to defense representation from the state. Recognizing Ms. Dell’Acqua’s experience and training in this area, she is also called on to represent people by the Office of Assigned Counsel.

Representing people on both sides of contempt proceedings and in post-divorce decree matters, our attorney can provide advice, insight and knowledge not typically found with other family law attorneys.

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