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Divorce Mediator San Diego, CA

Mediation can be a less expensive method of resolving your divorce or other family law issues. Unlike litigation, mediation relies on direct communication between spouses and may avoid substantial costs of attorney fees.

At The Law Office of Dawn Dell’Acqua, APC, our divorce mediator San Diego team has more than 22 years of experience as an attorney working with families in Southern California. We understand that cost is a significant consideration when you are thinking about divorce. We will work with you to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective, efficient and effective ways possible. In many cases, mediation is a method proven to achieve those goals in a cost-effective way.


Chula Vista Family Law Mediation Attorney

It is important to remember that you can use family law mediation (a form of alternate dispute resolution) to reach a complete agreement and settlement, or on just some of the issues.

If we are representing you in your divorce, we will help make sure that you work with a divorce mediator who can assist you in maintaining a good dialogue in order to accelerate the resolution of your issues. An attorney acting in a representative capacity is unable to also act as a divorce mediator on the same case.

Many of the advantages of mediation are related to keeping the costs affordable. By obtaining results more quickly than what is possible in family court, and possibly avoiding a court appearance, less money is spent on attorneys fees. By reducing the cost of a divorce, we can preserve more of the marital assets for parents and children once the divorce complete.

The additional benefits of using a divorce mediator San Diego service:

  • Confidential – California law protects settlement discussions in mediation as confidential. Mediation grants parties the ability to safely consider options without fear that statements, questions or concerns might be used against them later in court.
  • Maintain control of the outcome – When you litigate a case you put your future in the hands of a Family Court Judge. A divorce mediator, on the other hand, allows you to make the arrangements that best suit your needs. In mediation, spouses or co-parents make the choices about their family’s future by crafting a parenting plan, arranging for alimony or spousal support needs, dividing property and assigning debts with the mediator’s help.
  • Mutual agreements – By avoiding the win-lose mentality of a court battle, you can protect yourself and your children from prolonged conflict and hostility.
  • Child-focused resolution – Mediation allows you and your spouse to decide what is best for your children. With the help of a mediator, you will work together to arrange child custody, child support and a parenting plan that you are comfortable with.

Family law cases are different from other legal disputes. The parties in a business dispute may never see each other after the final judgment. In a divorce or other family law matter, especially where children are involved, you will continue to have a relationship with the other party for years after the final papers are signed.  Divorce mediator San Diego services can help ease the transition.

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