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Divorce Attorney San Diego lawyer

A Marriage Dissolution and Divorce Attorney San Diego, California

Divorce is hard but, it is also an chance. During your divorce, you will be making orders that will govern the rest of your life and the lives of your kids and former spouse.

Here, at The Law Office of Dawn Dell’Acqua, APC, our divorce attorney San Diego team can help you move through your divorce.

Take the time now and devote the time you need to make sure that the changes and orders made in your divorce are going to foster the growth in your future and the life you see for you and your family, and we will make sure we get it done as best as we can.

Family Law Specialist

Our family law attorney is a Certified in Family Law with The State Bar of California. getting this requires that an attorney practice family law for a several years. During that time, the attorney must have gone through a set number of trials, prepared agreements, and appeared to argue in a number of hearings. last but not least, the attorney must take and pass many exams on family law followed by an case on the reputation and character of the attorney within the legal community.

Only after all of these conditions have been met is an attorney able to become a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Low Fees for a Divorce  Attorney San Diego, CA

In order to make the quality of our representation available to more people in need, we offer you our scope and our services, with great fair priced fees for our divorce attorney to take care of your family law matters. While we cannot estimate your total cost, we work as hard as we can to keep your costs as low as we can. giving our clients their own options during your trial allows the attorney client tie’s to be a great and beneficial one for our clients.

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