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child custody attorney san diego

Your Visitation and Child Custody Attorney San Diego, California

There are issues with a divorce and kids. If you and your spouse can not come to resolve the legal custody of a child, then our child custody attorney San Diego services can help you.  First, child custody has two things: legal and the physical custody. At The Law Office of Dawn Dell’Acqua, APC, our child custody attorney San Diego team can help you get the best custody and parenting plan that will best benefit you and your children. We can also assist with questions about custody and everything else. our goal is to provide you with the best.

Custody Issues If you and your children’s other parent can not come to an agreement about the child custody and a parenting plan, you will be required by the court to attend sessions. You can either elect to attend Family Court Services – help will be given by the court – or you can hire your own. mediation has a number of good advantages. A mediator does not have his or her schedule given by the courts and is more likely to have more free time  to learn about you and your family’s situation. Further, we have the best mediators in our area and can use that to find a mediator that will fit well with your family. In addition to the a mediator being helpful during the divorce, it may be useful if mediation is needed to settle any issues after the divorce.

When You Need to Move, Our Mission Valley Lawyers Can Help If you are a parent and are planning to move either across town or across the country, it is vital to get a written consent of the other party or a court order. There are specific things for the written consent that are needed, and it is vital that it is done correctly. If the other parent will not agree to a move, it then you will need to file move away paperwork with the Court. In California, a Court can not prevent a parent from moving. What the Court can do is change the custody if it finds it is in the best interests of the child to do so in light of the move. A noncustodial parent can ask the Court to change custody when the other parent files for a move away. In order for the Court to grant the request of custody there must be more facts that show the judge that a move is such a detriment to the child that a custody change is needed to protect the welfare of the child. Our attorney knows that many life scenarios can provoke to the need to move a family, and that if you are the noncustodial parent you may not like the move because it will mean less time with your children. With over 17 years of helping families with moving and custody concerns find solutions.

Contact our Divorce and Child Custody Attorney San Diego, CA for help making good child custody and parenting plans that can grow with your family, call 619-325-4726, or contact our San Diego County family law firm to learn about our child custody attorney San Diego services.

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